Absolut Citron on Blue background | Food & drink Photographer

Back in the studio last week shooting clear liquid bottles, i.e Vodka and Gin. Two very different styles of bottle the Absolut being clear along with a frosted finish and the Bombay Sapphire blue with clear glass.

The bottles them self took about two hours to prepare to get the frosted condensation finish.

Decided to show some different lighting styles from the classic white pack shot, to all black and then using some coloured gels to create the blue effects. Different lighting requirements for all and surfaces to shoot on including black acrylic, frosted opal acrylic and sheet metal. A really enjoyable shoot – what’s your favourite?

Are you interested in a similar shoot for your drinks products? I’ll even let you into the two hour process of how to prepare the frosted look and the chemicals and liquids you need to do so – and its not glycerine as most photographers think!

Look forward to speaking soon


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