Prop Hire

D4 75cm x 75cm - $35.00 daily hire
M2-Le Cruest 9cm Orange French onion soup bowl x 2 - $10.00 daily hire
Metal & rust table top with cutlery landscape
B2 -23 x 16cm Wooden display boards x 2 - $15.00 daily hire
Derek smith photography is excited to announce that we now offer prop hire for food and drink shoots. Choose from an array of stunning Chef-designed backdrops, or grab some fun props like plates, bowls & napkins!
For a one-stop shop, we offer our clients an array of services that will make their next food shoot easier. If you’d like us to add anything specific on for your project just let me know what numbers and dates work best! The prices quoted are per piece and GST is applicable in addition.
Any questions or requests please let us know and we will see if we can help.