Welcome to the world of precision and creativity. I’m Derek Smith, a seasoned retoucher dedicated to enhancing visual narratives.

Professional Retouching Services

In the dynamic realm of media, every pixel matters. My commitment to perfection has led me to refine and retouch images, ensuring visuals make a lasting impact across various media platforms. From stunning magazine covers to meticulous retouching for diverse media outputs, I bring a keen eye and technical finesse to every project.

Among my accomplishments, I’ve had the honor of gracing magazine covers with visually arresting images.

While specializing in media retouching, I also bring my expertise to the realm of food and drink photography. Elevate the visual appeal of your culinary creations with my nuanced retouching techniques, ensuring your images captivate the senses.

Portfolio Highlights

Explore a curated selection of retouched images that showcase the transformative power of meticulous retouching. From product photography to lifestyle shots, each image is a testament to the seamless blend of artistry and technical proficiency.

Collaborate with Derek Smith

Ready to bring your visuals to life? Let’s collaborate to enhance the visual narrative of your brand. Whether it’s refining product images or creating captivating visuals for your next marketing campaign, I’m here to elevate your visual storytelling.

Credit and copyright is given to each photographer.

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