Recently I was invited to a Phase One test shoot to try out their latest 100MP monster and the latest Schneider Blue ring leaf lenses.

Naturally coupled to Capture One Pro 10 I was blown away by the image quality and I normally use the 50MP Canon 5DSR!
The other stand out feature for me was the auto focus stacking – up to 100 images can be set to fire off saving huge amounts of time and effort – best let Phase One explain….
“With added focus control, the XF Camera System can now systematically capture a sequence of images while precisely adjusting focus for each frame. You set the parameters and the XF Camera System does the rest. Perfect in the studio or in the field, the Focus Stack Tool results in image sequences perfect for integration into post processing solutions like Helicon Focus…”
I only managed to spend a few hours with the XF 100 but have now decided that I need to offer this image quality as an option to my clients.
Ill let Fstoppers sum up….. “no other camera gives you an equal shooting experience or quality image results that the Phase One XF provide

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