One of the parts I love about my job is training the next generation of photographers to capture great food images.

I recently spent two days back in December shooting a webinar for Anchor Food Professional Chefs around the globe using natural light and an iPhone.

The webinar was shot with Danny Simpson Global QSR chef and we broke it down into 5 modules for easy reference for the team covering –

Planning & preparation / Lighting / Plating and styling /Taking the shot / Editing

Images below are some screen grabs from the webinar video.

Then onwards to January where the webinar was being live broadcast to 50 different Anchor food professional chefs around the globe in Asia, Middle East and Europe.

We were also providing a live Q&A session for the team with Jackie Greenizan in Shanghai China.

There is a fair bit of equipment needed for a broadcast such as this.

Feedback on the webinar was very positive from the attendees and we will be producing further advanced webinars for the team in due course.

So a little different to my normal day in the studio but a thoroughly enjoyable one.

As ever if we can help on your next Food or Drink Photography needs just let us know.

Until next time..

Stay safe


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