A big update from us here at Chef Photography

So a shoot we did a while ago in the studio for a packaging shot brand refresh for Farmer Browns eggs have finally been released and the new packs are in store now. 

So what does I take to achieve a single shot like this?

I had all of our team involved – Dan was food styling and had the not so envious job of cracking the egg hat and then heating the colour matched yolks to exactly 63 degrees to get the correct consistency when we went for the side dribble using a syringe of course! Kaelin was ably assisting me as usual and Monica on the retouching who spend 12.5hrs in post on the edit to get the final hero to its finished state and ready to use.

WRK who are representing Farmer Brown sent along Faye who was the Producer for the shoot & Tom was the Art Director for the shoot.

We also had two clients on the shoot from Farmer Brown ensuring that their creative brief was being met.

The new packaging is scheduled for launch in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and through the Pacific Islands and will be coming to Billboards and sides of their trucks soon.

Have a look at the behind the scenes video which Kaelin shot for us on the day.

As ever if we can help on your next Food or Drink Photography needs just let us know.

Until next time..

Stay safe


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