Again takes a while to post advertising work for major brands!! I tend to end up shooting images and video for brands months before they launch products or in this case campaigns. And you can’t post anything until it launches….

This was shot just after New Year for a late February launch of Perla’s new season baby potatoes hitting stores in both the North and South Island.

The brief was received in late December and the studio and Kaelin my assistant and videographer were booked in.

On paper it looked like an easy shoot both on the the stills side, plus the motion side.

However! Working with melted butter, mint & a blowtorch?!

Good job I’ve got an Executive chef background and have spent many years on food styling or I think I may have given up.

Sometimes it’s the really simple jobs that prove the most difficult…..

Lots of new clients and jobs booked in over next three months – watch this space..

Until next time..

Stay safe


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