Salami Platter Food Photographer Auckland NZ

I recently hosted a one on one food photography training session for an aspiring Auckland food photographer.

Sarah was gifted a days training by myself as a birthday present from her husband Geoff!

We shot at Sarah’s house in Auckland and I bought my full location studio to the shoot.

The day ended up turning into having a slight commercial hint to it as Sarah had just bought a food business and taken it over on the day of the shoot.

Platters were the order of the day and I took Sarah through all the fundamentals of a professional food shoot including in no particular order, planning, set building, prop styling, food styling, studio lighting, camera settings and post production.

The images above are a few of the ones we captured on the day and Sarah was blown away by the level of detail and training provided during the shoot.

Further details on what I can provide in terms of food photography training can be viewed here

As Sarah will atest these make a great birthday present for any aspiring food photographer / blogger..

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