So when you book me for a food photo shoot what camera do I use and why?

Well I use the 50mp monster which is the Canon 5dsr. Boasting a Low pass filter cancellation over its sibling the 5DS this is the highest resolution full frame camera currently on the market today.
The image quality and the flexibility it provides me as a food photographer is stunning. 100% crop no – problem – 200% crop no problem – 300% crop no problem for the 5dsr but my monitor cant keep up with the resolution at this magnification…..
The 5dsr boasts Dual DIGIC 6 processors. You can catch all the action with an unrivalled ability to capture 50.6-MP resolution images at 5fps while USB 3.0 connectivity allows fast tethered shooting and remote camera control.
I mainly use this body exclusively in the studio for food shoots but it will sometime be chucked into a travel bag for my other photography passion – landscapes – again this blows everything away from what I’ve used in the past.
Here are a few reviews from respected online sources –
The Canon 5DS R is a camera whose worth depends almost entirely on the resolution it is able to capture. Phones can ramp up the megapixel count without major benefits and get away with it, but not full frame cameras.
We’re relieved to tell you the Canon 5DS R can render staggering amounts of detail in the right conditions. In our lab tests it managed almost 56l/ph, flattening the Nikon D810’s 40l/ph, which was until now one of the best scores we’d seen. Detail is currently unbeatable, and this is a big thing for Canon, which for the last few years has lagged behind a little in terms of pure fine detail capture.
Amazing image resolution makes this the perfect camera for studio photographers, if not everyone.
The Canon EOS 5DS R is the company’s highest-resolution camera, building a 50MP sensor into a body that will be immediately familiar to existing 5D series users. The camera’s autofocus has been upgraded though it still lags behind the best of its competitors for close-up work. Its video features and quality are also a touch disappointing, as its rivals begin to take video more seriously. That said, the camera excels in a number of respects: resolution is outstanding and the camera does much to ensure the images are kept steady and its JPEG engine provides the colors that countless professionals are happy to depend upon.
Offering a whopping 50 megapixels in resolution, the Canon 5DS R (and its nearly-identical sibling) is one unique Canon DSLR. While other EOS cameras can generally be considered more or less suitable for a wide variety of subjects, with manageable image resolutions, file sizes as well as expansive ISO ranges, the 5DS R, on the other hand, introduces a streak of specialty into the EOS family by going the opposite route.
The camera’s huge resolution, along with this “R” version’s canceled-out optical low-pass filter, makes it particularly well-suited for high-end portraiture work, landscape and other editorial photography tasks which demand extraordinary image detail — and are typically shot at lower ISO sensitivities
Not surprisingly, the big story for the Canon 5DS R is image quality, and specifically image quality at low ISOs. This camera absolutely thrives at base ISO. Images are packed with detail; letting the avid pixel-peeper grin in delight as he or she zooms-in to check the crispness of that eyelash, lock of hair, or scales on a lizard, for example.
The 5DS R is Canon’s highest-resolution EOS body to date, and it can capture some seriously impressive, incredibly detailed, ultra sharp photographs.
Photos courtesy of Canon


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