Food Photography in Auckland

Food Photography in Auckland

When it comes to providing services regarding food photography in Auckland, Derek Smith is the one to choose. We have spent many years building up a fantastic reputation with our work and clients. Whether you require images for a restaurant menu, food packaging or similar, we can make sure you are supported every step of the way.

Our business owner, Derek, offers years of experience and knowledge regarding the industry. After advertising his own luxury foods for years as a professional chef, Derek now, along with his team, helps out others within the food industry that desire to have the most luxury photos for representing their products.

To us food photography is more than just setting up the shot and taking a couple of snaps of the product. Instead we make the session an event to celebrate moving forward with professional photography and the quality of your food.

Unlike some other photographers, natural daylight doesn’t highlight the true beauty of food. That is why we use strobe lighting to ensure that every part of your food, drink or packaging can be seen in the most flattering conditions.

Our goal is to make sure you can have peace of mind while the shoot is taking place and provide you with amazing results. If you’re rushing around to try and find additional elements for the shoot; including food stylist, we can provide you with a full service to save you money and time finding additional support.

Don’t wait to move forward with our team and get in touch today.