Food Photographer In Auckland

Food Photographer In Auckland

Marketing food has certainly come a long way. Now with emphasis on advertisements, you’ll need to choose the best food photographer in Auckland to help you get your food successfully noticed by potential customers. Whether you’re a restaurant, café, large food branch or other, Derek can help you capture stunning images of your products.

For years Derek  has used his passion for the food industry to help others stand out for the best. After spending over 25 years as a chef, we’re confident he can help you capture the best sides of your food as a professional food photographer.

Here are three of the reasons why our food photography excels in the industry;

  • Strobe lighting: This particular lighting is key for allowing us to take photos of food in all conditions. Unlike natural daylight, strobe lighting can be manipulated, ensuring that all parts of the food can be seen – something that greatly improves the quality of the photograph.
  • The latest camera technology: Why limit ourselves to a simple camera when we can use some of the best technology out there right now? With our 50MP Canon 5DSR as well as attachments and other photoshoot luxuries, we can ensure the highest quality photos.
  • Complete service: Photography isn’t the only thing we can cover. During the shoot we can also be your personal food stylist to save you time and money finding external support.

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