Food Label Photographer In Auckland

Food Label Photographer In Auckland

When you need a food label photographer in Auckland, look no further than Derek Smith. Whether you require a label for a drink, frozen food item or other, we can make sure your label stands out from the rest with eye-catching composition.

We are passionate about food photography and enjoy taking on all sorts of new challenges to help clients show off their food.

Having moved to New Zealand after a successful career in the UK, we have extensive knowledge regarding food photography of all kinds. Alongside this we have worked with leading brands in the country who required professional photography support.m

Our service includes everything from stylising food to preparing the photos for use. This means that you can have a full service and save time and money finding other companies to work on your food.

If you would like to make an enquiry you can do so by giving us a call on 020 4130 7231. You can also find out more and review our previous works by taking a look through our website.

Don’t wait to contact our team about professional food photography and make an impact with amazing labels by working alongside our experienced service