Auckland Food Photographer

Auckland Food Photographer

Are you looking for an Auckland based food photographer to help your food, restaurant, food packaging or similar stand out with amazing photography?

Choose Derek Smith for first-class food photography services and help you receive the positive response we believe you deserve.

We focus on what is the ultimate selling point when it comes to your food and highlight every possible angle that can help your food be represented in the best way possible by stunning photography.

Our gifted photographers are known for their ability to create wonderful images regardless of whether the food is meat, fish, soup, salad or beyond. There is nothing we can’t photograph and are confident you can gain the best results out of our support.

As part of our service we teach you the ways of making your food look amazing for future food photography shoots. This can ensure your food stands out as beautiful as possible in images the future.

If you would like to request a food photography session, you can do so via our website or by giving us a call on 020 4130 7231.